About Humares

HUMARES is an international service provider in a flexible technical labor market.

Through strong specialist companies – The Humares companies – we focus on (inter)national availability and access to specialist technical knowledge and capacity.

Together, our Humares companies occupy a strong position in the technical job market. They are able to provide personnel across the total depth of the technical world. From 'Blue collar' to highly educated 'white collar' specialists.

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Latest news

Humares strengthens its position as a technical specialist by acquiring Isoper and Primat
Vlissingen, 29 October 2014

With its takeover of Isoper and Primat in the Netherlands and Belgium, the Humares Group is able to expand its position as a specialist provider of personnel for positions requiring highly educated technicians in the refinery and onshore energy sector.

Our Brands

Humares consists of two specialized brands for technical personnel: Maintec for blue-collar technicians and Teqoia for white-collar specialists.

The specialist nature of the Humares operating companies is what enables them to match highly qualified technical professionals with client companies.

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Vision Humares

In our vision at Humares, we see economic unpredictability, increasing internationalization and ageing populations leading to a structural shortage of technical specialists. At the same time, as a result of the GFC, the need for flexibility is also increasing.

Humares wants to make a difference in the labor market as an expert in technical specialists. In a future in which the gap between supply and demand is becoming more diffuse and widening, Humares ensures continuity and security. Humares does this by the continuous development of the knowledge and competencies of specialists and staff.

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Service concepts

Discovering the right and hard to find employee for a specialist function; that is the challenge. Humares operating companies support their clients in this by applying three unique concepts for personnel services:

  • International Distance Matching
  • Learing & Development Concept
  • Local For Local

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